Adwaita Color Variants: GNOME's Default Theme In 12 Colors (Light And Dark GTK3, GTK2 And GNOME Shell)

Adwaita Color Variants violet on Fedora 32

Adwaita Color Variants is a theme pack containing Adwaita, the default GNOME theme, in 12 colors.

The pack includes the latest Adwaita refresh for GNOME 3.36 for which only the accent color was changed, in the following colors: gray, red, orange, yellow, grass, green, teal, cyan, indigo, violet, magenta and pink.

All these color variants are available for both Adwaita light and Adwaita dark, and they support GTK3, GTK2, and GNOME Shell (so you'll also get an Adwaita GNOME Shell theme in the color of your choice, in both light and dark variants). The pack does not contain a matching icon theme, at least for now.

There's also an Adwaita Color Variants script that can generate Adwaita using the 12 colors I mentioned above, it can install the themes, generate a compressed archive, etc.

These are a few screenshots of Adwaita Color Variants GTK3 themes:

You can find a complete list of screenshots (including the GTK2 theme) on the Adwaita Color Variants script project page.

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Download Adwaita Color Variants

Since it's based on the Adwaita refresh for GNOME 3.36, Adwaita Color Variants may not work properly on older GNOME versions. So only use this with GNOME 3.36 (e.g. Fedora 32, Ubuntu 20.04, Pop!_OS 20.04, etc.).

On the Adwaita Color Variants page you can find separate archives for each color variant. There's also an archive containing all the Adwaita Color Variants themes (near the bottom of the file list, called Adwaita-all.tar.gz).

The script used to generate these themes can be downloaded from GitHub.

To install these themes, extract the theme .tar.gz archive, and copy the extracted folder in ~/.themes for your current user, or in /usr/share/themes (as root) for all users. If you've never installed a theme before, ~/.themes may not exist so create this folder.

You can then use GNOME Tweaks to change the applications and GNOME Shell theme (on the Appearance tab). More on how to change the GTK or GNOME Shell theme here.

h/t: u/sabarabalesch on r/Fedora