PDF Mix Tool 1.0 Released With Overhauled Interface, PDF Metadata Editing And Qt6 Support

PDF Mix Tool

PDF Mix Tool, a Qt application used to manipulate PDF files, has reached version 1.0 stable (followed quickly by version 1.0.1). The new version includes an overhauled user interface, support for editing PDF metadata, Qt6 support, and more.

PDF Mix Tool is a graphical tool for performing some common PDF editing operations. It can extract, delete and rotate PDF document pages, merge multiple PDF files into a single document, add empty pages, change a PDF's page layout (size, orientation, specify the number of rows and columns, margins, etc.), add booklets, and more. Under the hood, it makes use of QPDF for manipulating PDF files.

With the latest 1.0 release, the application user interface has been overhauled to make it more intuitive. There are no longer tabs for single and multiple files, and the sidebar now includes all available PDF operations, each with an icon, to make it easy to spot the option you're looking for.

PDF Mix Tool document metadata

Another change in this release is the ability to edit the PDF document metadata (screenshot above). You can now change the PDF title, author, subject, keywords, creator, producer, creation and modification date.

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Also, with this release, PDF Mix Tool now tries to preserve links, annotations and outlines as much as possible, no matter the operation you're using.

Other changes in PDF Mix Tool 1.0 include Qt6 support, and right-to-left support in pages composition, along with bug fixes.

PDF Mix Tool is quite similar to PDF Arranger, the main differences being that PDF Arranger uses GTK, and it shows a preview of the PDF as you're modifying it. Also, PDF Arranger makes use of pikepdf for modifying PDF files, while PDF Mix Tool uses QPDF, which means that the results can differ. So try both of them and use the one you're most satisfied with.

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Download PDF Mix Tool

PDF Mix Tool can be downloaded from Flathub or the Snap Store, or you can build it from source. 

The application is also available in the Arch Linux and Manjaro community repositories, but it has not yet been updated to the latest 1.0.1 version at the time I'm writing this. If you don't want to wait until it's updated, you can install the latest git via AUR.

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