Chromecast Extension For Firefox fx_cast 0.0.5 Adds Support For YouTube, Subtitles For Local Media

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fx_cast, a tool that enables Chromecast support for Firefox web browser, has been updated to version 0.0.5 with some new features and bug fixes. This release includes support for finding and converting local SubRip (.srt) subtitle files for local media casting, an important fix that gets YouTube casting to work correctly, and more.

fx_cast is made of two parts: a Firefox extension and a companion application that needs to run in the background on the same machine as the extension. This companion bridge application is needed to connect with the receiver devices in order to get around Google's proprietary protocol.

It's important to note that fx_cast is in the pre-beta phase, and is considered "incomplete and likely buggy". It supports casting web apps like Netflix or BBC iPlayer, HTML5 video and screen/tab sharing.

For more about fx_cast, also see: fx_cast Adds Chromecast Support To Firefox

Some websites that are known to work with fx_cast are whitelisted by default, with all other websites being disabled by default to avoid running into issues. You may add websites to the whitelist in the extension preferences. Add <all_urls> to the whitelist to enable all websites.

I'd also like to quote a note mentioned on the fx_cast project page, so it clears up some confusion about this tool: "Since it seems to be causing confusion, this project does not use electron. The electron-chromecast library was only used as a reference for the initial implementation of the API shim".

Casting a YouTube video from Firefox (on Linux) using fx_cast 0.0.5; pressing the Alt key here turns the Cast button into a Stop button that you can use to stop casting

The changes in fx_cast 0.0.5 include:

  • Added support for finding and converting local SubRip (.srt) subtitle files for local media casting
  • Fixed issues preventing YouTube from casting entirely and correctly playing videos when casting. This is the first time YouTube works for me using fx_cast on Linux
  • Added option to disconnect / stop casting by using the Alt key modifier while clicking on the regular Cast button (press the fx_cast button on the Firefox toolbar, then when you see the Cast dialog hold down the Alt key and the Cast button should turn into a Stop button)
  • Selectors launched from different contexts are able to switch contexts, except to the media sender which must still be launched via the media context menu item. Receiver selectors can now also be opened at any time via the toolbar button or menu items
  • Added API support for receiver action listeners. This should improve compatibility on a range of sites
  • Added subset of known app names to receiver selector when casting apps instead of "this site's app"
  • Fixed issue where launching the receiver selector after a device was discovered, but before a connection was made to fetch its status, caused an error
  • Clean history after receiver selector popup is opened so it doesn't pollute the history
  • Fixed inconsistent options page styling on Linux
  • Added an experimental media overlay (displaying information about the current session if connected) that's currently unused

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Download fx_cast

On the fx_cast homepage linked above, click the button to install the Firefox Extension. Also download and install the companion app (download links under the Firefox extension link; available for Windows, macOS and Linux - DEB and RPM).

It's important to note that only Netflix is whitelisted by default in the extension preferences, so casting won't be enabled for other websites. Once you have everything installed, right click the extension and choose Manage Extension -> Preferences, scroll down to the User agent whitelist section, make sure Enable site whitelist is enabled, and add other websites to the whitelist, like* for example. Add <all_urls> to the whitelist to enable all websites (not recommended because it may cause issues with some websites).

After this you're ready to use fx_cast to cast from Firefox to a Chromecast. Use the built-in player cast button, the fx_cast button on the Firefox toolbar, or the HTML5 (non-DRM only) Cast... context menu item to cast to your Chromecast.

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