Perform Common PDF Editing Operations With PDF Mix Tool 0.5, Now With Single File Mode

PDF Mix Tool, an application that allows performing some common PDF editing operations on Linux, was updated recently with "single file" mode which allows editing single PDF page layout, extracting or deleting pages, and more.

Until the latest 0.5 version, PDF Mix Tool allowed merging two or more PDF files, specifying a page set for each of them, rotate pages, and composite multiple PDF pages into a single page.

PDF Mix Tool

With the latest PDF Mix Tool 0.5, the application has received a new "single file" mode with the following operations:

  • Generate booklet
  • Edit PDF page layout (change rotation, merge multiple PDF pages into a single page, and scale page)
  • Add empty PDF pages with options for the number of pages to add, page size and location
  • Delete PDF pages
  • Extract pages, with options to extract given pages, all pages, even or odd pages, and the ability to extract to individual PDF files or into a single PDF

This new PDF Mix Tool release also adds a new alternate mix merge feature, and better multipage profiles management, along with new translations.

The alternate mix merge feature "takes a single page from an input PDF before moving to the next input file. This continues in a cyclic order until no pages are left to copy in all the input PDFs." It's useful in case you scan dual-sided documents with single-side automatic feeder scanner.

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Download PDF Mix Tool

The link above to the PDF Mix Tool installation section includes Snap/Flatpak instructions, Arch Linux Community repository installation, and instructions for installing this from source.