Ksnip Screenshot Tool Adds Wayland Support, New Annotation Tools

Ksnip Qt5 screenshot tool for Windows, macOS and Linux

Ksnip, a free and open source Qt5 screenshot tool has seen a new major release recently, which adds important enhancements like experimental Wayland support for KDE and GNOME, option to scale the image, and new annotation tools like blur, double arrow, marker rectangle and ellipse. What's more, with this release the application is no longer Linux-only, adding macOS and Windows support.

After taking a screenshot of the active windows, a rectangular area, current screen or all screens, Ksnip offers tools that allow users to annotate the screenshots. You can draw with a pen, add arrows, rectangles, text, numbers and more, with configurable colors and size. Optionally, the screenshots can then be uploaded to Imgur.

Top enhancements in Ksnip 1.5.0:

  • Experimental Wayland support for KDE and GNOME
  • Scaling/resizing screenshots and items (Edit > Scale to scale screenshot)
  • Added Blur annotation tool
  • Added Double Arrow annotation tool
  • Added Marker Rectangle and Ellipse annotation tool
  • A time delay option is now available on the toolbar, for easy access
  • Added option to open image from file via GUI or command line, so you can annotate external images with Ksnip
  • It's now possible to save screenshots without Ksnip prompting for the save location
  • Added Qt style switcher to configuration
  • Added icons for dark themes
  • Added a magnifying glass for snipping area
  • Now available for macOS and Windows

On Wayland, Ksnip supports the following screenshot types:

  • KDE: full screen, current screen, window under cursor
  • GNOME: rectangular area, full screen, current screen, active window, without mouse cursor

The new release also adds translation support, being currently translated in Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian and Polish.

Ksnip 1.5.0 also adds various other minor improvements and bug fixes. See the full release notes.

With this release, Ksnip can successfully replace Shutter in my opinion. While it may not seem like a big deal to some, the new features added with this release, like the blur annotation tool, the scaling of screenshots, the screenshot delay timer added to the toolbar, and so on, together with already existing features like 4 screenshot modes or uploading screenshots to Imgur, make Ksnip one of the best screenshot tools out there.

Shutter, probably the most popular Linux screenshot tool, was removed from Debian Unstable and Ubuntu 18.10 and newer a while back, due to using some of its dependencies being deprecated / removed from Debian/Ubuntu. It can still be used on Ubuntu and Linux Mint by using a PPA I set up a while back, which not only offers Shutter for easy installation, but also add back its annotating / editing features.

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Download Ksnip screenshot tool

Ksnip binaries include DEB packages for Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint, RPM packages for Fedora or openSUSE, etc., and an AppImage that should work on any Linux distribution. There are also Windows and macOS binaries for download. Make sure you scroll down to the latest Ksnip release and download that, and not the continuous builds which contain the latest Ksnip Git code (potentially unstable).