Open Source Racing Game Speed Dreams Available On Flathub

Speed Dreams splash screen

Speed Dreams, a free and open source 3D racing game, is now available on Flathub, making it easier to install on Linux.

Started as a TORCS fork, Speed Dreams is mainly written in C++, and is available for Linux and 32bit Windows. A macOS port is also in development, the game website stating that it's 95% finished, though a download for macOS already exist on SourceForge.

The racing simulation game features accurate driving behavior, with multiple available physics engines. It supports input devices like keyboards and mice, joypads, joysticks, racing wheels and pedals. Due to its accurate driving behavior and physics, the game can be quite hard to play with a keyboard and mouse, especially for novice gamers.

The game includes multiple customizable racing modes that try to reproduce real types of races, including complex events, such as championships or endurance races.

Speed Dreams supports up to 4 players simultaneously competing in the same race, using the same computer, as well as online play (without a central server).

Speed Dreams 2.2.2 rc2

While the Speed Dreams website doesn't say much about the game, its Wikipedia page contains a lot of information about the game, so check it out. The Wikipedia page doesn't contain some recent game changes though. There's a Speed Dreams wiki page on Sourceforge as well.

There are no Speed Dreams Linux binaries available for download, so Linux users relied on third-party repositories to install the game. For example on Ubuntu, the game could be installed from a PPA or PlayDeb. However, the PPA hasn't been updated since 2012, while PlayDeb seems abandoned for a while.

Thanks to Flathub, Linux users can now easily install Speed Dreams version 2.2.2 RC2, released in March 2018.

Download Speed Dreams

The download link used by the button above points directly to the project SourceForge files because the Speed Dreams website doesn't include the latest 2.2.2 RC2 version. For Speed Dreams 2.2.2 RC2 you'll find binaries for Windows and macOS.

On Linux, follow the Flatpak quick setup, including adding the Flathub repository, then visit the Speed Dreams Flathub page and click on the install button. You can also search for Speed Dreams in Gnome / Ubuntu Software after adding the Flathub repository, or you can install the game using this command:

flatpak install flathub org.speed_dreams.SpeedDreams

On Linux, if you use the proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers, you'll also need to install the Flatpak Nvidia drivers corresponding to the version installed on your system, or else the game may fail to start. See this article for more information: