GitUI 0.17 Adds The Ability To Compare Commits, New Options Popup (Terminal UI For Git Written In Rust)

GitUI Rust Git terminal user interface

GitUI, a fast terminal user interface for Git written in Rust, available for Linux, macOS and Windows, had a new release yesterday which adds new features like the ability to compare commits, new options popup, and more.

GitUI allows viewing Git repositories and performing actions on it from your terminal. It features a scalable terminal UI layout, which you control using intuitive keyboard shortcuts. There's no need to memorize the hot keys, as GitUI shows a context-based help which makes it easy to use.

Using this Git tool, you can perform various Git actions, including:

  • Inspect, commit, amend changes
  • Stage / unstage, revert and reset files, hunks and lines
  • Stashing (save, pop, apply, drop, and inspect)
  • Push/Fetch to/from remote
  • Branch List (create, rename, delete, checkout, remotes)
  • Browse commit log, diff committed changes

The tool is fast too, you can see some benchmarks on its GitHub page in which GitUI is compared to lazygit and tig.

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According to its repository, the goal until GitUI version 1.0 is to get some more features, including log search, file history log, add the ability to visualize branching structure in the log tab, implement notify-based change detection, support rebase branch, and interactive rebase.

Changes in GitUI 0.17:

  • allow inspecting top commit of a branch from list
  • compare commits in revlog and head against branch
  • new options popup (show untracked files, diff settings)
  • mark and drop multiple stashes
  • check branch name validity while typing
  • support deleting remote branch
  • mark remote branches that have local tracking branch
  • bug fixes

Below you can see screenshots with the new commit compare UI (select the commits using the Space key, then press C (Shift + c) to compare the commits) and the new options popup (press o to open it):

GitUI compare commits

GitUI options popup

You can also see fome GIFs with the new features in the latest GitUI 0.17 by visiting the tool's GitHub releases page.

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Download GitUI

Thr GitUI GitHub releases page has binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows. To install it on Linux using the provided binary, extract the .tar.gz and install the extracted gitui binary somewhere in your PATH, like /usr/local/bin. E.g. to do this from the command line (assuming you've navigated to the directory where the gitui binary is located):

sudo install gitui /usr/local/bin