Bit Is A Modern Git CLI With An Interactive Prompt

bit interactive git cli

Bit is a new Git CLI written in Go that features autocompletion / suggestions for commands, flags, files and branch names, and even some new commands. It's available for Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows.

Type bit, press the Enter key, and the interactive bit prompt is displayed. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate through all the available Git options, or type a few letters of the command you're looking for to filter the results. bit checkout and bit switch will also show interactive prompts after you press Enter.

Besides supporting all the available Git commands, Bit also comes with a few commands of its own. For example, type bit pr to view and checkout pull requests from GitHub (this requires having GitHub CLI installed). Or type bit save to synchronize your changes to the origin branch, this being roughly the equivalent of git pull -r; git push.

Bit features include:

  • Command and flag suggestions to help you navigate the plethora of options git provides you (suggestions work with Git aliases)
  • Autocompletion for files and branch names when using bit add or bit checkout
  • Automatic fetching & fast forwarding to keep your branches up to date and prevent merge conflicts
  • Bit is fully compatible with Git
  • Commands from git-extras such as bit release & bit info
  • New commands like:
    • simplify your entire rebase workflow with a single command: bit sync
    • bit pr to view and checkout pull requests from Github (requires GitHub CLI)
    • bit save to synchronize your changes to origin branch (roughly equivalent to git pull -r; git push)
  • Can be auto-updated using bit update, and it can install classical tab completion using bit complete

This is a Bit demo GIF created by its developer:

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Bit also supports some visual customization. If you don't like the default theme, or you use a light terminal theme, you can invert the Bit theme by exporting BIT_THEME=inverted, or use a monochrome theme using BIT_THEME=monochrome. It doesn't seem to support custom color themes though.

The tool is less than 2 months old, so there are quite a few other features planned, like support for gitmoji for commit messages, a command history, Git Town integration, a bit undo or bit fix command, and more.

Download and install Bit

Bit is available as a precompiled binary for Linux, NetBSD, macOS and Windows.

On Linux, extract the Bit archive, open a terminal and cd into the folder where the bit executable was extracted, and install it to /usr/local/bin using:

sudo install bit /usr/local/bin

For other ways of installing Bit, see its installation section.