RipMe Is An Easy To Use Bulk Image Downloader (GUI And CLI)

RipMe bulk download image galleries

Need to download all images in an online album and don't want to click each image to save it to your computer? Try RipMe, a Java tool with both graphical and command line interfaces, to mass download images from various sources.

RipMe runs on macOS, Linux and Windows, and it can download all images in an album by just entering the album link. It supports popular websites like Imgur, Instagram, Reddit (you can download all the images of a subreddit or all the images submitted by an user), Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt, and more.

RipMe features:

  • Downloads all images in an online album with configurable download threads, timeout and retry count
  • Easily re-rip albums to fetch new content
  • Skips already downloaded images by default (this can be changed in the application configuration)
  • Download a range of urls
  • Can save URLs only
  • Autorip from clipboard
  • Download images in URLs from a file

The tool shows a download log in its user interface, so you can easily spot images that may fail to download, or skipped (already downloaded) images. There's also a History tab where you'll find previously used album URLs - from there you can choose to re-rip selected URLs, or to remove them from the history.

The images you want to bulk download don't have to be in an "album" per se, as long as all images are linked from the same web page URL. For example, you can download all images from, which is a subreddit and not exactly an image album. Enter this URL in RipMe and the application will start mass downloading all the wallpapers from /r/wallpapers.

Do note that RipMe will attempt to download ALL the images in a gallery, so in this example's case that can be a very large number of wallpapers. So you may want to stop it manually at some point. There's no option to limit the number of images to download.

The tool can also run without a GUI, from the command line, useful in case you want to automate the download of online image galleries, for example to bulk download images from an album on a given interval, and other use cases. This is a list of the available command line options:

usage: java -jar ripme.jar [OPTIONS]
-4,--skip404                  Don't retry after a 404 (not found) error
-a,--append-to-folder <arg>   Append a string to the output folder name
-d,--saveorder                Save the order of images in album
-D,--nosaveorder              Don't save order of images
-f,--urls-file <arg>          Rip URLs from a file.
-h,--help                     Print the help
-H,--history <arg>            Set history file location.
-j,--update                   Update ripme
-l,--ripsdirectory <arg>      Rips Directory (Default: ./rips)
-n,--no-prop-file             Do not create properties file.
-p,--proxy-server <arg>       Use HTTP Proxy server
-r,--rerip                    Re-rip all ripped albums
-R,--rerip-selected           Re-rip all selected albums
-s,--socks-server <arg>       Use socks server
-t,--threads <arg>            Number of download threads per rip
-u,--url <arg>                URL of album to rip
-v,--version                  Show current version
-w,--overwrite                Overwrite existing files

I also recommend checking out gallery-dl, a command line tool to download image galleries and collections.

Downloading and running RipMe

From the RipMe releases tab, download the ripme.jar file. To run it, you'll need to have Java 8 or newer installed on your system.

On Linux you can install OpenJDK 8 or newer from your Linux distribution's repositories, or use some other JDK builds, like AdoptOpenJDK, ZuluJDK or Oracle Java.

To be able to run ripme.jar, on Linux, make it executable. E.g. on Gnome or Cinnamon: right click this file, click Properties, then on the Permissions tab enable Allow executing file as program or similar (this depends on the desktop environment you're using).

After this simply double clicking ripme.jar should run the RipMe graphical user interface, allowing you to download image galleries with a click.

In case double clicking this file doesn't work, try right clicking it and select to open it with another application, and select a Java runtime. Or run the RipMe GUI by using a terminal:

java -jar /path/to/ripme.jar

Replace /path/to/ripme.jar with the path to where you saved the ripme.jar file.

It's also worth noting that by default (unless you change it), the folder where RipMe saves downloaded images is ./rips (a "rips" folder in the current directory, where you ran the command).