gallery-dl - Download Image Galleries And Collections From The Command Line

gallery-dl is a command line program that downloads image galleries and collections from a wide range of image hosting websites, which works on Windows, macOS and Linux.

The tool can mass download images from popular websites like:

  • Behance: download images from users, collections and galleries
  • DeviantArt: download collections, deviations, favorites, folders, galleries, journals, popular images, scraps,
  • Flickr: download images from users, albums, favorites, galleries, groups, individual images, search results)
  • Gfycat: individual images only
  • Imgur: download albums or individual images
  • ImageBam: download galleries, individual images
  • Instagram: download images from users or individual images
  • Photobucket: download albums and individual images
  • Pinterest: download boards, pins, links, related pins)
  • Reddit: download individual images, submissions, subreddits
  • Tumblr: download images from users, likes, posts, tag-searches
  • Twitter: download media timelines, timelines, tweets
  • Wallhaven: download individual images and search results
  • Weibo: download images from users and images from statuses

Many other websites are supported - complete list.

For some websites gallery-dl can download an entire gallery of collection - as long as the website has this feature. In some cases, like Gfycat, gallery-dl downloads individual images only.

gallery-dl does not only support a large number of websites, but it also provides quite a few options:

  • Download an image range instead of an entire gallery or collection (--range RANGE)
  • Use Python expression to control which images to download (--filter EXPR)
  • Download all URLs in a text file, ignoring URLs for which no extractor can be found (--input-file FILE)
  • Compress the downloaded image files in a zip archive (--zip)
  • Print download URLs instead of actually downloading the files (--get-urls)
  • Specify the number of download retries (--retries RETRIES)
  • Specify a proxy to use when downloading image galleries or collections (--proxy URL)

You can read more about these and other gallery-dl options by checking its help (gallery-dl --help). Also, some configuration options are available via a JSON-based config file, which you can read about here.

What's more, gallery-dl optionally allows downloading of image galleries and collections by authenticating to some websites, either by using an username and password set in the gallery-dl.conf file (for e.g. pixiv or wallhaven), or by using OAuth (for DebiantArt, Flickr, Reddit or Tumblr).

gallery-dl installation and usage

The download page offers windows binaries, Python whl and source files.

On Linux you can install gallery-dl using PyPI/pip, from source, or by using the gallery-dl snap package which should work on any Linux distribution (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux, etc.) that has snapd setup.

To install gallery-dl from the Snap store, either look it up in your Software application (in case you have a Snap plugin installed), or install it using this command:

snap install gallery-dl

Now you can start using gallery-dl to download image galleries, by specifying the image gallery URL as an argument:

gallery-dl <''>

Example. Let's say you want to download all the cats in kimonos images from this Imgur album using gallery-dl. Open a terminal and use this command:


The images from that Imgur album are now being downloaded in gallery-dl/imgur/Album Name (so a gallery-dl folder should be created automatically in your home directory if you didn't navigate elsewhere using the terminal).

If you want to download the images to a different directory, specify the download path using --dest DEST, e.g.:

gallery-dl --dest </image/download/path> <''>

Another example that includes downloading an image range. In this example we'll be downloading the 30 top images from DeviantArt's Digital Art category (top 30 popular images of the month):

gallery-dl --range 1-30

--range 1-30 sets gallery-dl to download from image 1 to image 30 only. Without this, gallery-dl will attempt to download all the images from this DeviantArt category, and that's not probably what you want since that might download a very large number of images.

Check out the program help (gallery-dl --help) and project page for more information on how to use it.