Cloud Storage GUI Rclone Browser 1.6.0 Adds New Options, Fixes

Rclone Browser

The Rclone Browser fork I was telling you about a while back keeps improving, with the latest release adding new options in the application preferences, as well as an important fix on Windows that gets mounting/unmounting to work properly.

Rclone Browser is a cross-platform Qt5 GUI for Rclone, a command line tool to synchronize (and mount) files from remote cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Nextcloud, Dropbox, Amazon Drive and S3, Mega, and others. Use it to copy a file from one cloud storage service to another, from a cloud storage to your system or the other way around, and to mount some cloud storage on your system with a single click.

Since the original Rclone Browser hasn't been updated in almost 3 years, a new developer has forked it, fixing some issues that started happening with new Rclone versions, while also adding new functionality.

Rclone Browser 1.6.0 settings

The latest Rclone Browser (fork) 1.6.0 adds a bunch of new options to specify default upload/download folders, configurable download/upload settings, and configurable mount settings (with --vfs-cache-mode writes as default).

The new release also adds update notifications for both Rclone Browser and Rclone, with both options being enabled by default.

This release also fixes the Windows mount/unmount issues. Since this issue needs to be fixed in both Rclone Browser and Rclone itself, you'll need the latest version of both (Rclone Browser 1.6.0 and Rclone 1.50 or newer) to no longer encounter issues when mounting/unmounting cloud storages on Windows.

More changes in Rclone Browser 1.6.0:

  • Google Drive with "shared with me" option on is always mounted as read-only to avoid causing issues
  • Added ftp, MS Azureblob and Google Photos remote icons
  • Modified main application window status bar to save space
  • Windows deployment now includes all required runtime files for users without MSVCR installed
  • Released binary for 32-bit Windows and 32-bit armhf (for Raspberry Pi running Raspbian)
  • Other small tweaks and fixes

Download Rclone Browser (fork)

On the Rclone Browser (fork) GitHub releases tab you'll find binaries for Windows, macOS and Linux (universal AppImage or DEB for Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, and so on).

Those using Arch Linux can install Rclone Browser using an AUR package that has the latest Rclone Browser fork.

No matter the source used to install this, you'll also need to install Rclone on your system, since Rclone Browser is just a GUI for Rclone.