Terminal File Manager nnn 2.5 Adds Plugins, Mouse And SSHFS Support

nnn console file manager

nnn console file manager was updated to version 2.5, which includes plugins support and 19 plugins available, with more to come, mouse and SSHFS mounts support, and more.

nnn is a fast, lightweight command line (Ncurses) file manager that works seamlessly with desktop environments and GUI utilities. Besides file manager features (with tabs/workspaces, bookmarks, search, and so on), the tool also includes some other utilities, like a disk usage analyzer and a fuzzy application launcher.

The file manager was created to run on low-power devices, such as Raspberry Pi or Termux, so its size and memory footprint are a priority.

A new major nnn version was released yesterday with quite a few improvements. The most important addition in the nnn 2.5 release is support for plugins, with 19 plugins being available in this release, including:

  • pdfview: view a PDF in pager
  • nmount: mount or unmount a storage device
  • ndiff: file and directory diff for selection
  • hexview: view a file in hex
  • imgresize: batch resize images
  • ipinfo: check your IP address and whois information
  • transfer: upload a file to transfer.sh
  • pastebin: paste the contents of a text file to paste.ubuntu.com
  • imgur: upload image to imgur
  • getplugs: update plugins

All available plugins are available on this page.

Other important changes in nnn 2.5:

  • mouse support: you can now use your mouse to navigate directories
  • SSHFS mounts support
  • native batch rename support
  • support for setting nnn as the default file manager. The procedure has only been tested on Xfce so far
  • vim-like scrolloff support
  • per-context detail/light mode
  • support bsdtar, simplify patool integration

If you're new to nnn, I recommend checking out its quick start guide. Also see its full feature list, keyboard shortcuts and optional dependencies.

Download nnn console file manager

nnn is available in the repositories of many popular Linux distributions. It's in Ubuntu (starting with Ubuntu 18.04), Linux Mint 19, Debian buster and sid, Arch Linux Community repositories, Fedora 27 and newer, and more.

To download the latest version, visits the nnn releases page. It includes packages for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux and CentOS. As a side note, the Ubuntu 18.04 DEB package from the releases page works without any issues in newer Ubuntu versions, such as Ubuntu 19.04.