New Humble Sports Bundle Includes DiRT Rally, F1 2017, 75% Off Football Manager 2018

Humble Sports Bundle

A new sports bundle was released by Humble Bundle, which includes some awesome games for Linux, like DiRT Rally, Motorsport Manager, Super Blood Hockey, or F1 2017, along with a 75% discount for Football Manager.

The first tier of Humble Sports Bundle, for which you can pay $1 or more, doesn't include any Linux games. The games included in this tire are GRID 2, SEGA Bass Fishing and Eastside Hockey Manager, with all being available for Windows, and the first also being available on Mac.

The rest of the games available in this Humble Sports Bundle do run on Linux.

The second tier, for which you need to pay more than the average ($5.58 right now), you can get Motorsport Manager, DiRT Rally, Super Blood Hockey, and a 75% off for Football Manager 2018.

The last tier includes only one game - F1 2017, which runs on Linux, Windows and macOS. To get it you have to pay $12 or more. Getting this bundle means you'll also receive the games available for the lower tier bundles.

In total, all the games are worth $220 according to the Humble Bundle page, though for where I live, the original Steam price is even higher. Here are the games in each bundle tier and their Steam links so you can check the original Steam price if you want. I noted the price listed for me for each game, but these may depend on the country you live in:

Games purchased through the Humble Sports bundle are redeemable on Steam. The bundle lasts for 13 more days, until August 14.

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