Mark Text: FOSS Markdown Editor With Realtime Preview

Mark Text markdown editor

Mark Text is a fairly new free, open source Markdown editor for Linux, Windows and Mac. Aimed at improving your editing efficiency, the editor supports the CommonMark Spec and the GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec.

The application tries not to get in your way, by using a clean interface that tries to focus on your writing and nothing more, with a seamless live preview, while still allowing you to easily access its menu or see the current file name.

Main Mark Text features:
  • Supports the CommonMark Spec and the GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec.
  • Realtime preview, using Snabbdom as the render engine.
  • Multiple edit modes: Typewriter, Source Code and Focus.
  • Code fence support for all the popular languages.
  • Dark and light themes.
  • Emoji auto-completion.
  • Export to PDF, HTML, or styled HTML.

And the list can go on. That's because while it uses a clean, distraction-free interface, there are many minor but quite useful features designed to make your Markdown writing easier.

Like the "Rename" and "Move To" items in the File menu, which are there to let you rename or move the current file without having to switch away from Mark Text. Or the Insert Image option which lets you enter the absolute or relative path to an image or upload the image to the cloud.

An optional auto-save feature is also there to make sure you don't lose the Markdown file you're currently working on (File > Auto Save).

Other features include inline and block Math support, keyboard shortcuts (obviously), search and replace, paragraph / word / character count, configurable font properties, and more.

The application, which uses Electron, has seen its very first release back in December, 2017. Being so new, it has some missing functionality - most importantly in my opinion, support for TOC syntax. This and other features are on the developer's todo list. Update: Mark Text now supports table of contents, along with tabs and more.

Mark Text focus mode
Focus Mode 

Mark Text source code mode
Source Code mode

Mark Text dark theme
Dark theme

Mark Text is somewhat similar to Typora, another Electron Markdown editor, though the latter is more mature and obviously has more features, but I prefer Snabbdom, the rendering engine used by Mark Text. Also, Typora is not free open source software, unlike Mark Text. Nevertheless, go check out Typora Markdown editor too if you haven't already.

Download Mark Text

You can install and integrate the MarkText AppImage binary on Linux by using the AppImageLauncher tool.