Display Weather Forecast In Your Terminal With Wttr.in

wttr.in weather forecast from command line

wttr.in is a feature-packed weather forecast service that supports displaying the weather from the command line. It can automatically detect your location (based on your IP address), supports specifying the location or searching for a geographical location (like a site in a city, a mountain and so on), and much more. Oh, and you don't have to install it - all you need to use it is cURL or Wget (see  below).

wttr.in features include:

  • displays the current weather as well as a 3-day weather forecast, split into morning, noon, evening and night (includes temperature range, wind speed and direction, viewing distance, precipitation amount and probability)
  • can display Moon phases
  • automatic location detection based on your IP address
  • allows specifying a location using the city name, 3-letter airport code, area code, GPS coordinates, IP address, or domain name. You can also specify a geographical location like a lake, mountain, landmark, and so on)
  • supports multilingual location names (the query string must be specified in Unicode)
  • supports specifying the language in which the weather forecast should be displayed in (it supports more than 50 languages)
  • it uses USCS units for queries from the USA and the metric system for the rest of the world, but you can change this by appending ?u for USCS, and ?m for the metric system (SI)
  • 3 output formats: ANSI for the terminal, HTML for the browser, and PNG.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of the article, to use wttr.in, all you need is cURL or Wget, but you can also install it on your own server. Or you could install wego, a weather application for the terminal which is what wtter.in uses, though wego requires installation as well as registering for an API key.

Before using wttr.in, make sure cURL is installed. In Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint (and other Debian or Ubuntu-based Linux distributions), install cURL using this command:

sudo apt install curl

wttr.in command line examples

wttr.in example

Get the weather for your location (wttr.in tries to guess your location based on your IP address):

curl wttr.in

Force cURL to resolve names to IPv4 addresses (in case you're having issues with IPv6 and wttr.in) by adding -4 after curl:

curl -4 wttr.in

Wget also works (instead of cURL) if you want to retrieve the current weather and forecast as a png, or if you use it like this:

wget -O- -q wttr.in

You can replace curl with wget -O- -q in all the commands below if you prefer Wget over cURL.

Specify the location:

curl wttr.in/Dublin

Display weather information for a landmark (the Eiffel Tower in this example):

curl wttr.in/~Eiffel+Tower

Get the weather information for an IP address' location (the IP below belongs to GitHub):

curl wttr.in/@

Retrieve the weather using USCS units:

curl wttr.in/Paris?u

Force wttr.in to use the metric system (SI) if you're in the USA:

curl wttr.in/New+York?m

Use Wget to download the current weather and 3-day forecast as a PNG image:

wget wttr.in/Istanbul.png

You can specify the PNG transparency level, useful if you want to automate a script to automatically add weather information to some image (like a wallpaper) for example.

For many other examples, check out the wttr.in project page or type this in a terminal:

curl wttr.in/:help